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Product Range


- Total SulphurAnalyser conforms ASTM D5453, D7183, D6667

- Total Nitrogen Analyser conforms ASTM D4629, D7184, D6069

- Total Chloride Analyser conforms ASTM D4929, D5808



- Force Tensiometer

- Drop Shape Analyzer

- Foam Analyzer

- Surface Roughness

- Ink Jet analysis

Advanced Engine Technology Ltd., Canada

- Iqnition Quality Tester - to measure Cetane Number conforms to ASTM D6890, EN15195, IP498, ASTM D6751, ASTM D975, EN590



- Chiller

- Controlled Environment Chambers Thermostats

- Water baths

- Chillers

GR Scientific Ltd.

- Water content determination

- Automatic Titrator

- Aquamax KF Plus


Elemental Microanalysis

- Consumables for Elemental Analysis:

- Organic Elemental (CHN/S/O)

- Nitrogen and Protein Analyzer

- Inorganic Elemental for Carbon and Sulphur

- IRMS supplement

- Organic Elemental (CHN/S/O)

Agilent Technologies

- Consumables for Sample Preparation

- Consumables for GC-LC-MS

- Consumables for General Chromatography

- Consumables for Spectroscopy


LSI Medience Corporation

- SARA analyzer

- Thin Layer Chromatography (TLC) with Flame

- Ionization Detector (FID) and Flame Photometric

- Detector (FPD)