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Company Profile  FINE SPEC CO., LTD

Fine Spec Co., Ltd. was established in February 1993 by a group of people experienced in Scientific Instruments Business to handle Fisons Instruments Organic Products. We are now 21 years in business with large numbers of happy customers.

We started our business from GC and GC-MS/MS products from Fisons (formerly Carlo Erba and VG Micromass). We are market pioneer in LC-MS/MS as well as we sold more than 30 units of LC-MS/MS both Triple quadrupole and TOF techniques.

For Petroleum Testing Line of Business, We covered many instruments such as Nitrogen Sulphur Chloride Analyzer using combustion techniques, Distillation Instruments and many ASTM analyzers.

Despite the Analytical and Petroleum Petrochemical market, the management of Fine Spec also have more than 10 years experience in Life Science market.

At present, we have many divisions: Analytical Division, Petroleum Division and Consumables Division. Our product line includes:

TSHR – Elemental Analysis which includes Nitrogen, Sulphur and Chloride Analyzer from The Netherlands

KRÜSS GmbH – The world's leading supplier of measuring instruments for surface and interfacial tension from Germany

AET – Ignition Quality Tester (IQT) from Canada

Xtemp- Chiller -Controlled Environment / Chambers/ Thermostats/ Water baths/ Chillers from China

GR Scientific Ltd-Water content determination/ Automatic Titrator/ Aquamax KF Plus from UK

LSI Medience Corporation - Iatroscan TLC-FID Analyzer from Japan.

Elemental Microanalysis – Consumables for CHNS/O Analyzer from UK

Agilent Technologies – Consumable for GC and HPLC Analyzer from USA